Theo Funk, Presidio Alum Keric Moore, and Li Meinhold
at the 2014 SoCal Musketeer Regional Youth Circuit. Li and
Theo finished 7th and 8th respectively in the Youth 12 Mens Foil.
Sean Strong at the 2014 Summer National Championships,
where he finished in 7th place.

Salle Updates: News and Information

3/24/15: National Championship Qualifiers

The swords have ceased their clashing and the dust has settled to the floor. These six athletes remain, ready to carry the fight to San Jose and the 2015 National Championships in June.

  1. Harriet Eckstein: Vet Women's Foil
  2. Theo Funk: Youth 12 Men's Foil
  3. Matt Kuiken: Div 3 Men's Epee, Vet Men's Epee, Vet Men's Foil, Vet Men's Saber
  4. Li Meinhold: Youth 12 Men's Foil
  5. Lucas Nichols: Div 3 Men's Foil
  6. Sean Strong: Div 1A Men's Epee

There were also a handful of fencers from the UCSB team who qualified. Congratulations to our Santa Barbara fencers. And congratulations to those who may not have qualified, but who put themselves out there in an attempt.

I am looking forward to the lessons as we start with Spring quarter.  Also, I am looking forward to a busy tournament schedule:

Sprinkled between these weekends are a number of other events in Los Angeles and Orange County. All tournament information can be found on

3/4/15: Updates

Congratulations to the UCSB Fencing team. They finished 2nd in their conference and are on their way to the Club Fencing National Championships in Pennsylvania, April 10-13.

Many people have asked about carpools to practices. Shall we try to establish some ride-shares again? Send an email if you are interested.

There are a number of tournaments coming up in Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles in March and April for the competitive fencers. The UCSB team will host a meet in late April. The San Luis Highlanders will host a Youth tournament in May. And the Cal Poly SLO team will host a meet in late May. Look for registration on

2/7/15: Tournament Results

Saturday was fun. Sure, there were some bumps in the beginning. This was a learning experience for the UCSB students. But in the end, I think everyone had a good time. The Youth 14 tournament had 6 entrants. The Youth 10/Youth 12 tournament has 7 entrants. To maximize practice time, we fenced out all places, and I think everyone learned something. Then, for the team event, we had 11 teams of 3 fencers each. We formed teams of mixed ability levels in an attempt to foster a community beyond club walls. Some teams had UCSB fencers, Presidio fencers, and Points West fencers all working together to win. What an experience!

You can find the results for all events here:

And to those who competed, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for daring a tournament. Fencing tournaments are an important part of learning the sport. Tournaments give us a metric for improvement, and they provide an opportunity to meet and spar with people outside of the club. Our next Central Coast Youth tournament will be held in May in SLO. Following the meet, there will also be another team tournament -- this time for high school athletes.

Competitive fencers should keep an eye on You'll have a number of tournaments in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo over the next few months. Additionally, the SoCal Summer Nationals Qualifiers will be held in Thousand Oaks in March. As always, feel free to email me with questions about whether or not a particular tournament is right for you.

Thank you, UCSB Fencing, for running the event.

1/24/15: A New A-rated Fencer in SB

Congratulations to Jason Lipton, the UCSB Epee Captain, for making the quarter finals at the Battle in Seattle.  This finish at a Division 1A tournament allwed Jason to claim his A'2015 rating in Epee.  A sophomore at UCSB, Jason won the 2013 Division III National Championships in Columbus, Ohio.  We are excited to have another A-rated fencer in our ranks.

Another great finish from the weekend goes to Matt Kuiken, Presidio's sole saber fencer.  Matt finished with the bronze medal at the Orange Coast tournament today in Long Beach, re-earning his D rating.  He also met with some success in the epee event.  Congratulations, Matt and Jason. 

Remember, the Central Coast Youth Circuit Event will be held at UCSB on February 7th at 10 am.  You should have received more information via email.  Please email Tim if this is the first you're hearing of the event.  Following the youth tournament, the UCSB Club is hosting an informal and fun team foil tournament.  Email for more information. 

11/30/14: Lucas Nichols Joins the E-Club

Congratulations to Lucas Nichols for earning his E-2014 in Foil by finishing 7th at the Toys for Tots Tournament yesterday. Rich Kaplan, Carter Block, and Theo Brown also deserve acknowledgement for their participation. This was probably Carter and Theo's highest-rated tournament to date, and Rich was a mere two points away from also earning his E-rating.

Matt Kuiken also fenced at the tournament. He skipped the foil in favor of both the epee and the saber events. He managed to walk away with the silver medal in the epee.

There are still tournaments scheduled for 2014. Check FRED for more information. We are looking into hosting a youth foil clinic in Los Olivos on Jan 17. More information will follow soon.

11/23/14: No Classes this Week

The Goleta Valley Community Center is booked on Tuesday, and has been booked for months. As a result, there is no practice this week. We will re-convene on Tuesday, Dec. 2. Enjoy the Holiday.

And remember the Toys for Tots Tournament in Newbury Park on Saturday. Find pre-registration on AskFRED.

Happy Thanksgiving.

11/17/14: Bladerunner Results

Sean Strong finished 8th out of 98 at the Bladerunner Regional Open Circuit in San Diego last weekend.

Congratulations, Sean!

11/8/14: Congratulations to our Contenders!

Presidio Fencers had a strong showing at today's Central Coast Youth Circuit in Los Olivos.  Here are the medalists:

Youth 10 Foil
Gold: Boris Peljhan, Presidio SB
Silver: Hank Molina, Presidio North, Los Olivos

Youth 12 Foil
Gold: Kincade Avery, Presidio SB
Silver: Kaleb Jordan, Points West Ventura
Bronze: Wyatt Spencer, Presidio SB

Youth 14 Foil
Gold: Theo Funk, Presidio SB
Silver: Li Meinhold, Presidio SB
Bronze: Zach Seaman, Presidio North, Los Olivos

Senior E-and-Under Foil
Gold: Jade Eng, Salle LaVerne, Torrance
Silver: Matt Kuiken, Presidio SB
Bronze: Russel McCullough, Cal Poly SLO
Bronze: Michael Fernicola, Cal Poly SLO

The next Youth Circuit Event will be a clinic in January.  More details to follow. 

The next local Senior tournament will be the Toys For Tots Charity Event in Newbury Park.  Preregister here:

10/22/14: Equipment Needs

Last night, I had everyone in attendance get suited up for sparring on the electric machines. Doing this gave me an opportunity to see who has what and who needs what.

Now, to review, everyone at the club should have:

1) Mask (foil fencers should have a conductive bib)
2) Jacket
3) glove
4) underarm protector
5) chest plate (for women of all ages and for boys under 14)
6) body cord
7) conductive jacket (aka foil lame)
8) practice weapon
9) competition weapon
10) mask cord

Some other items include an equipment bag and fencing pants (aka knickers).

I would like to place a group order with the fencing post. What does everyone need? Please shoot me an email if you would like to be included in this order.

10/7/14: Youth and Cadet Foil Clinic in SLO

The San Luis Highlanders will hold a youth and cadet foil clinic on October 18, 2014. The clinic is appropriate for all levels of fencers, ages 10-18. Most likely the Cal Poly Fencing Team will be helping out, so there will be plenty of attention available to participants. Also, Eric, the Highlanders Coach, asked a Presidio Coach to lead a short segment. This clinic will be a great opportunity for Presidio fencers to get some immersive experience in a low-pressure setting. I encourage everyone to attend.

Download the flier for the clinic here .

Note that lunch will be provided, and that participants must bring the permission slip.



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